Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a serious athlete, sports injuries are a fact of life.

Common Sports Injuries

Whether it’s immediate, dramatic break or damage that accumulates over time, sports can do some serious damage. The workout-related problems we frequently treat include:

Repetitive Stress Conditions
Arthritis and tendonitis often stem from sports moves like swinging a racket or throwing a ball. Joints and muscles can become inflamed in vulnerable areas, including shoulders, elbows, hips, ankles and knees.

Torn Tendons and Ligaments
Those dramatic jumps, twists and stretches can result in equally dramatic “snapped” tissues, especially in the knees, shoulders and groin. Often times a torn tendon and ligament results in surgery followed by physical therapy.

Strained Back/Neck
Sometimes that sore lower back or neck pain just won’t go away with basic home care. In such cases, we’ll work with you to rebuild strength,flexibility, and restore normal body mechanics allowing you to return to function pain free.

Fractures and Breaks
When you have a bone injury during a game or workout, a trip to the emergency room usually results in a cast to promote healing. But as your bone is recovering, the muscles around it are weakening. Physical therapy helps to strengthen the affected area following a fracture.

Rehab Therapy

Some sports injuries require surgery or other medical procedures as the first line of defense. Postoperative physical therapy is key for transitioning back to normal function. Similarly, when your injury requires a cast or some form of bracing, our team will help you rebound from the diminished strength and range of movement that happens while the limb is out of commission.


Athletes know that the best way to avoid injury or reinjury is to build up strength, flexibility as well as normal movement patterns. Working out at the gym is great, but our physical therapists will guide you through specific activities that help you avoid future injuries based on your sport and your specific build. We’ll also talk you through strategies you can implement when you’re back on the field to improve performance.

Get “Back on Track” ASAP

Don’t wait to begin your sports injury recovery or prevention program! Our dedicated team is trained in treating sports injuries and we’ll have you back to fighting form in no time! Call us to schedule an appointment to get back to the sport you love as soon as possible.